Friday, 15 April 2016

Reading diary



This is end

Once my family and I went to Pak’nsave to get the groceries. Suddenly the ground began to shake then the ground splitted into two parts in the middle water came out.

It was so hard for me  to run from the dragon beast  I was so skead because there were thousands of different dragon beast they all started to eat nearly every one they ate my parents I got so angry that I wanted revenge on those beasts but they never returned.

This time it wasn’t the beast that killed evry one in Pak'nsave it was a beast a lion beast but this lion is not a normal lion the skin is thicker than anything. His teeth is sharper than a human's blayd. It can kill 10 mens in one strike. I was on a mission to kill the beasts I went to the cave there was Hundred bones lying on the ground.

I could hear the beast roar I went further and further and there was the beast eating my friend James. The beast saw me then roared it loudest the beasts breath smelled like like rotten bodies. I got out my sword out and we started to fight he used his teeth and I used my sword he scratched me on my face and I got affected and turned into a beast too.                  

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Friday, 8 April 2016

Monday, 4 April 2016

Saint Patricks day


At Saint Patrick’s day Mass I was nervous and embarrassed that I might make a mistake during the Mass because I was a reader. I worried for nothing because I read smoothly and clearly. Afterwards, we had a Soul Friend feast which I was hanging out for because I love food and also spending time with my Soul friend, Etuale. My favourite food at the feast was mince and cheese pies because mince is my favourite meat. It is juicy, soft and easy to eat.Yum!
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We are learning to write using our personal voice. I used my personal voice in my writing when I described the mince and cheese pies

Friday, 1 April 2016

Speed test

On Friday I got 29 my score is the same as Mondays score  My goal is to pratice typing every day

basic facts

On My sheet I 29 /60
On Friday  I got 42/60 I a have beatin my score on a Monday.